Hometown Antiques - Yard & Garden Ideas
We always love to share the photos of our yard and gardens.  We hope they will show you how you can use antiques outdoors to decorate your yard.  Antiques and vintage items can be used in many creative and unusual ways to compliment your flowers and plants.  We hope you enjoy the garden tour.

We hope these photos will bring out the creativity in you!

A large vintage birdhouse with tin roof occupies the corner of the front garden.
A Noah's ark birdhouse sits comfortably on an early bee hive, used purely for decoration.
Notice the unusual striped rock  near the gate.

A small antique millstone props open the garden gate.
Early granite forms a path to the grass and a punched tin lantern hangs to illuminate the path.

Flags are always mounted on each side of our gate for Memorial Day and July 4th.
The curved brick walk adds charm and texture to the garden.

The iris and columbine at their peak!
They never last long enough!
Antique sharpening stones make an unusual path from the shoppe to the schoolhouse.  It takes a bit of time to collect enough to make a path...we are only half done!
From "the good olde days," purely for decoration, an old red painted tub with scrub board, on a wringer washstand,  stand ready for wash day.... I am glad to have my washer & dryer, thanks!

Early glass insulators lined up on the clothesline post, reminiscent of the old telephone poles.

Our antique wheelbarrow, advertising our shoppe, sits on the front porch filled with traditional geraniums and an American flag.
Visit our shoppe and schoolhouse for many other interesting items for your yard and garden!
An old fertilizer spreader makes a great planter!
This is a great huge barrel hauled on the wagons and used to empty the small sap buckets (like the one sitting on top.)  It's  a great accent in the yard and has gotten many great comments.
Early farm implements decorate the back of one of our outbuilding.
A sparrow enjoying the birdbath.  The decoration in the center is actually a tiny roof vent that spins in the breeze.
The potting shed is a great place to hang an early lawn sprinkler, farm implement, shutter and the piece to the left of the door is actually a rack to drain oil cans from a service station....now it holds herbs! 
Any chair without a seat makes a great planter.  The shelf on the shed with clay pots is a large wood and wire sifter.  The granite piece is actually a cornerstone from an old building.
A simple bench a few stones and plants can create a special little corner. 
The redware piece is a poultry feeder (the sparrows love it) and the narrow fence is used to hide the oil tank pipes for the summer.
A vintage sundial rests atop a large copper leader pipe from a downspout, turned upside down.
An unusual windowed small beehive (some of the original honeycomb is still visible) sits comfortably among the flowers with a hand made wooden crow perched on top. 
The big metal sunflower gets moved around the garden for added color.
At the end of the brick patio is a terracotta strawberry jar filled with succulents and marigolds. 
In the center is a lightning rod with white glass ball and a rusty tiller wheel which looks like a big daisy.
We call this our bird condo.......We couldn't resist the sign when we saw it!! 
When we had to cut down a sad pine tree, we left the trunk to be put to good use.
Another chair filled with bright yellow petunias.....a great splash of color!
Below the "bird condo" is an old soapstone sink put to use as a planter with a small piece of fencing as it's "backsplash".
What could be more appropriate........a chicken feeder planted with hens and chicks!
We have sold many of these.  Everyone seems to love them.
This birdhouse was made from an old bucket with an attached  tin roof.  The birds used it regularly.
We just can't resist an old millstone!  They are everywhere in our yard.
A great vintage birdhouse sits on a bench on our front porch along with a cute twiggy seat and rows of clay pots.
This vintage nautical sundial finishes off this small space at the corner of the shoppe.  It has a great patina and serves as a shallow birdbath.
A wonderful log cabin birdhouse, made by Jack at the Rusty Roosta here in West Brookfield, sits on a red painted barrel.  A chair filled with pansies and a green painted bucket with twigs and pussywillows add a touch of Spring to our front entry.
There is no better place to sit than on these comfortable rockers on the front porch......looking at the garden  and watching the birds fluttering in the bird bath!
We could not resist this little hanging birdhouse at a local auction.  It is a hand carved cocoanut.  It sure is an eye catcher!!!
This is a huge well stone we just found........it weighs a ton but we had to have it!  It is displayed along the path from the main shoppe to the schoolhouse with grinding stones, a chair filled with lantana and a colander filled with sedum and a tin decoy.
We just planted this garden in the back yard.......a new hemlock tree and 2 red  bushes on each side of the vintage seat.  A rock filled with hens and chicks and a carved mushroom add the finishing touch to this new little garden.
Geraniums always look wonderful with a flag in a red white and blue bucket on a sweet little garden chair....Just a great July 4th display!
A great red painted Coca-Cola barrel makes a perfect stand for a large plant in the front garden.  I prefer to put large hanging plants on stands, barrels or benches.  You appreciate the flowers more
than when they are hanging too high....only my opinion!!

We found this old swing at a local yard sale and fearing a child might get hurt, we hung it up high and mounted a vintage birdhouse on the seat.
Don't throw that old teapot away!!!  It makes a great planter. If it leaks it will provide drainage. I would even drill a few more holes in the bottom to be sure. This old copper teapot looks great filled with geraniums.  Don't you agree?
A great twiggy basket filled with autumn leaves and a pumkin echoes the fall season on a table on our front porch.
Wonder fall mum graces our front garden.  We placed it a great cast iron pot with old green paint.  It is amazing how just one rust colored mum makes the entire garden look like fall.

The peaceful beauty of Winter !
Everything is blanketed in snow
A different kind of flower popping up !!
The cabin in the snow
Mushroom caps of snow in the back garden!